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Save Hundreds of Dollars with Marble Floor Tiles!

Marble floor tiles will make your home floor look just luxurious and exquisite. At the same time, they will give you an opportunity to express your creativity with numerous remodeling ideas with no need to rob a bank. Using these beautiful natural stones you will saves a lot of money. Remodeling one's old bathrooms and kitchens is in fashion nowadays and these natural panels will give you excellent opportunities to modernize your interior. Everything you'll have to do it to use the most popular techniques in tiling and change the interior design in your home. And this will save you hundreds of dollars.

A fast method to redecorate a room is with marble floor tiles by grouping the stones without any seams. This method presupposes attaching marble to a mesh backing that is 12x12. This unusual tiling technique has a wonderful look in many home areas including the flooring of bathrooms, kitchens, and showers. This tiling is not expensive like other tiling methods. It offers an even and smooth finish on the flooring that is extremely comfortable to use. The ease of installation that takes only a few hours is another benefit of this method. To get a smooth and even look on the marble floor tiles, you'll need to remove unnecessary grout with a wet sponge.

Earlier, marble tiles were very expensive, thus, were considered to be a real luxury. If a person had marble floors in his or her home it meant that this individual had a high and honored status. Not many people could afford these tiles. But, with the growing popularity of marble its cost was gradually falling and nowadays it is available to most of modern people. Today, more and more homes use this natural stone that is suitable for many decors and themes. The affordability of this material can be explained by the increased mining of marble in many other countries including Mexico, Spain, China etc. today, a great number of middle-class homes and apartments use marble flooring due to its luxurious and elegant look.

There are two basic kinds of marble - the white- and black-colored tiles or slabs. Both of these kinds look wonderful either used by themselves or in combination. The surrounding of this floor is soothing while the overall appearance is dramatic. Completely white bathrooms and kitchens are in trend today. And marble white in color is especially perfect in its look for any kind of setting. By the way, large format tiles are also in trend nowadays. But you should be aware that this kind of tiles cost more than the smaller ones. That's why if large tiles are not for your budget you may choose smaller marble floor tiles with perfect clean grouting and you will get no less stunning effect.

As you can see, marble offers numerous advantages and is able to save you a lot of money even though at first it seems a bit expensive. These natural stones are not too easy to heat up as they badly conduct heat that's why you can cover this floor with a nice carpet if you wish. Such a coolness of marble is perfect for homes in tropical regions where local inhabitants are dreaming of this wonderful floor cooling effect.

Finally, it has to be added that marble floor tiles require periodic maintenance as they are quite resistant to scratches and stains. The options of flooring design with the use of this natural stones are numerous. The variety of patterns, styles, and colors can fit almost any kind of family budget - small or big. Hardwood floor is even more expensive that this flooring and it makes it sometimes more preferable among people in the country. It offers an elegant look and is easy to maintain. So, if you like this stone, choose an affordable option and may your interior dream come true.