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Skye Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Skye Terriers are very kind and lovely dogs that are ideal for living in their own house as well as in the apartment. It is very playful and loving animals, they get along well with children, although in the course of the game they can bite. To avoid this, you should explain to the dog that it is not allowed to do so and it will stop biting.

Skye terrier is a breed of dog with many centuries of history. The first records date back to the Roman conquest of Britain. Its name Skye Terrier got in the 18th century on one of the islands of the Hebrides Islands of Scotland - Isle of Skye. In ancient times, the Celts (the indigenous people) called the island Ellean Cheo, which means "Misty Island" and it is properly so called, as the source of the breed's appearance on these islands is hidden in the mists of time. No one was involved in a serious selection or breeding of this dog during the late 18th century.

Skye Terrier is known worldwide as the "Heavenly Breed." Who at least once in life owned a dog of this breed will never change the preferences, and will not change to any other breed! Also we must not forget that the Skye Terrier breed is very ancient as it is more than 600 years old and this breed should remain the same as it is predetermined. The dogs live about 12-15 years.

How Much Does a Skye Terrier Cost and Price Range

The price for this breed varies from $700 to $1000. It depends on the breeder and the dog quality. The show quality will cost you more as well as breed quality dogs.

The pet quality price is about $600-$700.

Skye Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally, the Skye Terrier is a small, powerful dog of the stretched format with short strong limbs. Adult height at the withers is 25-26 cm. The coat of Skye terrier is incredibly beautiful: long, silky and very dense. The dog's weight is about 11,5 kg. As for the color it is possible to see shades of black, brown and fawn.

Skye Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Representatives of this breed are very friendly, polite and loyal. In Edinburgh, you can often hear the legend of the Skye terrier who spent ten years at the grave of his dead master.

Despite its vehement energy, it does not require large space and is suitable for living in a country house as well as to stay in the apartment. But it needs a daily walk.